Flexibility Test

Toughness test when the formwork is bent, Use a forklift to crush the formwork that is not in the same plane (one side is grounded, One side is placed obliquely), and formwork is intact without damage after rebound.

Impact Strength Test

Use a small round head hammer to slam the smooth surface of the plastic building formwork and observe the surface depression. Good quality building templates will have depressions, but there will be no cracks.

Shrinkage Test

Put the two formwork side by side on the wooden board to record the gap distance between the two nights, the difference is not more than 3mm-5mm compared with the previous measured data.

Nail-Holding Strength

Nail at a distance of 5mm from the edge of the plate.if there is no crack,this indicates that the quality of the plate is good, after the nail is nailed, observing whether the bonding state of the nail and the formwork is saturated and tight.