AGF PP Concrete Roof Construction Sheet

AGF PP Concrete Roof Construction Sheet

AGF PVC HOLLOW Shuttering ply BOARD, an eco-friendly and energy-efficient product made of PVC, combines nanotechnology in macromolecules. PVC formwork is a brand new product following wood formwork bamboo-wood bonding formwork and large formwork made of all steel. The hollow WPC formwork is efficient in energy and environmentally friendly; it can entirely replace traditional formwork made of steel, wood, or square wood. What’s more, the amortization costs are meagre.

In light of the labour issue and cost of the system for shuttering ply, AGF was concerned about the cost of labour and formwork. So, AGF GROUP decided to design an alternative method for shuttering that could assist the industry in reducing the cost of construction and create a simple system to set up and dismantle and handle.


Technical Information

Dimensions8×4 feet / 1220mm x 2440mm / 122cm x 244cm
ColorsWhite, Grey and Black
Thickness12mm / 15mm / 18mm / 20mm