AGF Recycle plastic pallets for fly ash bricks

AGF Recycle plastic pallets for fly ash bricks

The world around is changing as it is presently being dominated by modern technology that is setting new standards in the corporate as well as the social world. Working professionals in the present generation have the luxury of selecting materials that are diverse and provide a wide range of benefits to fulfill a particular object. Such has also been the case in the construction market segment as new and improved are governing the industry.

One such elite company that is in charge of manufacturing some of the finest plastic pallets . The company excels in designing different types of brick pallets that are available at affordable pricing ranges. Our company has been in the construction industry for several years and we understand the needs and requirements of the target audience. This is what makes AGF  one of the best brick pallet manufacturers in India.

Our team comprises expert professionals who possess immense knowledge in this field and are dedicated to meet all the expectations and needs of our clients. AGF have made RECYCLE PLASTIC PALLETS affordable. This has allowed people to switch over and adopt a more eco-friendly method of BRICKS STACKING PALLETS  that minimizes waste generation and promotes sustainable development. Such are the morals that the AGF GROUP team looks up to.

We consider ourselves to be the best RECYCLE PALLETS COMPANY in India that is constantly evolving to offer the best and environment-friendly construction solutions. The designed industrial pallet is not only used within the country but is also demanded by different nations. Let us now look at some of our diverse brick pallet products that you can avail by collaborating with AGF GROUP:

  1. PVC Brick Pallet – What makes EcoSheets the leading Plastic pallets in India is that we try to manufacture and design all our products by recycling used plastic materials. Our PVC Brick Pallet is fire-resistant and can be effectively utilized for prick production and for manufacturing Ash Bricks. The standard thickness of each brick is estimated to be around 16 to 30 mm which makes it an ideal construction building block. Get in touch with our expert team today to know more about plastic pallets for export purposes.
  2. Plastic Brick Pallet – EcoSheets’ plastic brick pallets are also made from recycled plastic and can be availed at various sizes starting from 350 x 570 mm to 760 x 960 mm. The option of customization is also provided where clients can order pallets that meet their individual needs and requirements. This heavy-duty plastic pallet is fire-resistant and has an overall thickness of 16 to 30 mm.
  3. Fly Ash Brick Pallets – The fly ash brick pallets are designed by the agf team of premium quality and can withstand any adverse weather and external environmental conditions. Made from virgin plastic, the pallets are robust and can be availed at affordable pricing points. The AGF team ensures to mark each product at a reasonable rate so that clients from different industries and diverse financial plans can afford our services with absolute ease. The thickness of the boards generally ranges between 18 to 25 mm making it an ideal option to initiate construction

Technical Information

Dimensions8×4 feet / 1220mm x 2440mm / 122cm x 244cm
ColorsWhite, Grey and Black
Thickness12mm / 15mm / 18mm / 20mm