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Manufacturer of plastic hollow & solid formwork, recycle plastic pallets , plastic Shuttering ply

Polypropylene Hollow Wall Formwork

It is a plastic, hollow building form that contributes to energy saving, is environmentally friendly and aims to protect the green. reorganized and improved with high molecular nano technology and original "nano-polymer additive"

Polypropylene Hollow Panels for Column & Pillers

AGF PP Hollow Formwork is new kind of construction concrete formwork. It is used high quality polypropylene particles. It is suitable to realize concrete columns, pillars, walls, plinths, and foundations directly onsite.

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Why AGF Group?

AGF Group, with our institutionalized identity, is dynamic, reflecting all kinds of technological developments and innovations on our entire production platform, acting in the direction of continuous improvement of our environmental and occupational health and safety performance, proven quality in all sectors in which it operates, sought after, desired to be a business partnership, and exporting its own products to the whole world. to be an exporting company.

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1 Piece Platform

The production standard is 8 ft x 4 ft / 1220 mm X 2440 mm / 122 Cm X 244 Cm. Available in 12 – 15 – 18 – 20 mm thicknesses.

Ideal Use

With its ideal usage dimensions, it provides convenience in use and the highest level of efficiency, and also creates the opportunity to be used together with 12 mm / 18 mm plywood.


It is different from the first generation PVC Polymer Construction molds and its advantage is that it is more minimal, more textured and porous and PP based.


It is at the highest level to maintain its durability against hard crashes, impacts and hits. It does not crack or break when falling from a high distance.

Long lasting

It is designed in such a way that its permanence, continuity and longevity are not affected by any weather conditions. Even in the toughest construction site conditions, at least 3 years of use is foreseen.


Since it is recycled on a kilogram basis, it does not decrease, does not cause loss and waste.


AGF Plastic FormWork

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It can also be used in various sectors, especially in formwork works in construction. Depending on the concrete surface and many factors, it is recommended to use mold oil in order to have surface performance in reuse or after use. For floors with a unit weight of 650 kg and a static concrete thickness of up to 25 cm, a support of 30 cm is recommended.


Formwork works, Scaffolding platforms, Interior partition and roofing works, Floor and parquet industry,

Furniture Industry

In door, shelf, wooden chair and table making and office furniture

Transport and Ship Sector

On the ground and side walls of the truck trailers, on the floors of the containers, on the floors and side parts of the wagons


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Very helpful staff and amazing packaging meant I got exactly what I wanted - I would buy from this company again, and again!

- Robert Wese

Easy to order product by providing dimensions. The product was well packed for delivery with both surfaces protected from damage and scratches. Lovely clear glass finish. Satisfied with the purchase.

- Mike Sharpe

Always an excellent product at a good price. Have used Cut Plastic Sheeting several times and would always go back. Customer service also excellent if needed

- Kim Scott

Great service, perfect fit over the bathroom window, best thing we did, wish we had bought a smaller piece too for the small window to save on postage. Has made a lot of difference in the cold weather

- Gillian C

Simple ordering on-line. Well packaged product delivered within the timeframe they promised. Product exactly as ordered.

- Kevin Wills

The sheeting i got was top notch a lot better than i hoped for the cuts where precision made absolutely spot on and the prices are good definitely use them again

- Jorden Paul